If the Cap fits

Just before my Dad passed away, he handed me a cap of mine which he had kept safe for years. It was as if he was reminding me that I’d always be his little girl and to keep the child that wore that cap alive. It makes me flood with emotion to even think of this and in coming across this cap again, which must be over 35 years old, I felt compelled to write.

That Cap

It takes me back to innocence

The way I’d write my name

When nothing made a lot of sense

But that’s not really changed

It takes me back to unity

My life before the split

To complacent immunity

To your kindhearted wit

It takes me back to purity

The apple of your eye

The comfort of security

I miss those days, oh my

One day you gave it back to me

You’d kept it safe for years

It had a huge impact on me

Could not fight back the tears

It’s faded and it’s dusty now

But I’ll hold on to it

It’s strange but I am sure somehow

That cap will always fit

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