Andy and I often muse over how difficult the life of a Basler tram driver must be. So many different trams intersect at SBB train station and I do not envy the people-dodging that makes up a large proportion of their job. One morning on my walk to work I imagined the secret life of a local tram driver with an urge to write which developed into the following poem.

The Reluctant Tram Driver

His name was Jürgen Leiter

He lived in Arlesheim

He longed to be a writer

Was running out of time

The days ticked by before him

and life felt like a sham

The passengers ignored him

aboard his yellow tram

He loved concocting chapters

Broke up the dull routine

It helped the boredom factor

Gave him a change of scene

So often at the station

He’d had to ding that bell

They’d no consideration

At times a living hell

He did it for Kristina

his wife and their three kids

But there still lived a dreamer

He just could not get rid

He’d write and do all-nighters

Creating was no crime

His name was Jürgen Leiter

He lived in Arlesheim

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