Magic Mushrooms


The year I spent in the wonderful little town of Speyer in Rheinland-Pfalz was nothing short of fantastic. It was such a welcomed break to spend a year working as a language assistant after having just finished my degree and I made the most of it. My Speyer year taught me so much about myself, how to use my time and was a real coming-of-age chapter in my life. During my Poetrython I looked back at an old photo of a day I randomly spent mushroom picking and I couldn’t help but poetically reminisce!


Wild Mushrooms

We gathered mushrooms in the fall

It was a first for me

I didn’t have a clue at all

And picked them furtively!

Herr Wens if I recall was he

Who led us on this trail

Some mushroom stalks grew spindly

Some fat, large-capped and pale

The years abroad I must applaud

For bringing new surprises

Who would have thought I’d get on board

With fathoming fungi sizes?

We washed them down in Neustadt town

Upon the old Weinstraße

And frittered some in time for tea

A mushroom appetiser

The spores and grooves, they all were new

The foraging amusing

My comfort zone just grew and grew

Life‘s out there for the choosing!



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