Fasten your seat belts!

Self-love has earned itself an unwarranted reputation it seems to me. It is often confused with selfishness, self-obsession or even self-pity which are all a far cry from its true definition. Self-love is about actively meeting our own basic emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs. It is fundamental to our own happiness and, perhaps even more importantly, the only real path to being able to be fully present for somebody else. We really do have to fasten our own seatbelt first before we can properly help another.

Self Love

Self-love is not a selfish choice

It’s not all me me me

It is a soft, survival voice

That tells us what we need

Self-love is a necessity

Despite some folk’s conviction

It’s treating yourself carefully

It frees you from addiction

Self-love is not an ego thing

Not for the self-obsessed

It knows we can’t do everything

And helps us do what’s best

Self-love can heal the deepest scars

And calm our inner racket

It’s reputation somewhat marred

By those who often lack it

It is the dew upon the weeds

A very human thirst

To help another that’s in need

We must help ourselves first

Self-love’s an act of bravery

It’s honouring who we are

It’s freedom from self-slavery

It is a guiding star

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