The Sempach Effect

Our day spent kayaking on the Sempacher See on Saturday was just what the doctor ordered. The simplicity of being out on the lake on our good old inflatable Sea Eagle never fails to help us wind down and connect with what really matters. The day would have not been the same without the opportunity to jump off the side of the boat and partake in a cheeky swim. Just ten minutes gliding through the clear water, looking out at the mountains and I felt as free as bird!

Sea Eagle

She glides into the mottled blue

where the restful reeds rustle and the moorhens mingle.

Tipsy dragon flies swallowed by the lazy lapping

and us perpetually rotating like gormless weebles

We should do this more often…

I recline, stretching mozzarella limbs upon the rubber peak

Oar balanced across my bikini clad body

whilst you transport us to another realm

One where I slowly soften into the serene solace of my soul

Barely any distance covered yet I’ve finally reached my destination,

a place where our unspoken companionship inflates me with gentle gratitude

You smile kindly as I plunge into the luscious lake

And what better way to marvel at meringue capped mountains?

The lone rower patrolling like a faithful lifeguard

until we tow our bobbing bird back onto land

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