Celebrating Creating

As a creative life coach I am often called upon to draw on my own creative resources in service of my clientsโ€™ inner exploration. I absolutely love being able to use my intuition and imagination in this way and reflected on trusting my creativity in the following Telestich poem during my recent Poetrython.

In order to celebrate launching my new coaching website I am excited to offer the first three of my WordPress followers and readers to respond, one free sixty minute Life Coaching or Creative Project Coaching session. Just send me a message through the contact page on my website with WordPress Offer as the subject and I will let you know if you have been lucky ๐Ÿ™‚


Trust Creativity

No need to grasp for iT

Wait and the universe will deliveR

Spontaneously and impromptU

Stay receptive to the sparkS

Good things come to those who waiT

It comes from the faith in all things cosmiC

A hint or a glimpse may be the triggeR

Every little shift, a new anglE

Bubbling inside, an unborn ideA

Starts to unravel and untwisT

No more the sceptic am I

As words pour down in a shower of improV

No longer impatient am I

As visions like pollen wisps begin to floaT

Abundance sails in gracefullY

15 thoughts on “Celebrating Creating

    1. No problems! I am a Life Coach (with a very creative approach as I use a lot of visualisation, visioning and intuition in my work) and also offer Creative Project Coaching packages which are designed to help clients access their imagination and inspiration and to help them take clear steps towards achieving their creative project goals as we co-create accountability. Both the Life Coaching and the Creative Project Coaching packages help clients to realise their full potential and to let go of limiting beliefs. If ever you want to connect further and find out more send me a message on my website http://www.samallencoachingcreatively.com or contact me on samallencoachingcreatively@gmail.com

      Hope this helps?

      Sam ๐Ÿ™‚

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