Courage of your Convictions

I was more than a little relieved to receive some poem prompt suggestions from people who had kindly donated to my fundraiser. They were most useful leading up to mealtimes when ideas were beginning to flag. The leader, Terri, of a fantastic Brené Brown workshop I recently attended suggested penning a poem about Courage and so, fighting back the urge to distract myself with an early lunch, I did! One of my Dad’s favourite sayings was ‘Have the courage of your convictions’ and I am forever inspired by his courage.



Courage comes in many forms

Not always shouting loud

I’ve noticed that it’s often born

out of capricious clouds

It is the guts to rise above

To be who God intended

It doesn’t push, it doesn’t shove

It’s strength at its most splendid

Courage is an inner drive

When I fight for my life

Despite the obstacles, I dive

and face head on my strife

Courage is a rousing song

It’s spirited and brave

I need it most when I’ve been wronged

I use it and I’m saved

It’s shameless, pure resilience

It’s full of grit and grace

I stand in my own brilliance

When I come from this place

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