Winged Messengers

I decided that a morning jog would be the perfect way of generating some initial ideas for the Poetrython and it was a fairly good move by all accounts. Almost as soon as I had set off a little blue tit came to land in my path, reminding me that there would always be something to write about if I simply observed nature. My jog concluded with a similar descent by a serendipitous sparrow and I was set to go!

Stirred by the Birds

A blue tit came to land

It gave me my first push

I had one in the hand

Who needs two in the bush?

It pecked the ground before me

In search of morning seed

Unwittingly implored me

This fleeting, feathered lead!

I thanked him and absconded

The country path quite narrow

To nature’s voice I bonded

And soon I spied a sparrow

A brown and speckled being

Who looked as if to say

Just write what you are seeing

There’s signs along the way

And now I understand

Observing is my mission

A blue tit came to land

A timely morning vision

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