Poetrython Pause

I am pleased (and somewhat exhausted!) to report that I have penned ten poems so far. Not quite half way through yet but not bad going for three hours work! So far nature, our crazy cats and old photographs have been the most plentiful prompts. My Southampton girls have challenged me to write one about the royal wedding too so better get on it! This is the one I enjoyed writing most so far. Below my poem is the link to the sponsor page in case you still wish to donate.

Rowena and The Milkman

Her name was Rowena

She hailed from Bethnal Green

By trade a window cleaner

Most cheerful one I’d seen

She put some elbow grease in

Her two plaits bobbed along

Although she took some teasin’

She whistled Reggae songs

And how those windows glistened

The jobs never went dry

Cause passers by would listen

And watch her clean up high

Her eyes were big and busy

Her mocha skin like silk

To see her made me dizzy

I nearly spilled ‘me milk!

I secretly adored her

But fate can be so mean

Rowena’s what they called her

She hailed from Bethnal Green




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