Loyal to The Royals

As Meghan and Harry are very soon to engage in their royal nuptials, my Southampton girls suggested penning one of my Poetrython poems about this. Although not a royalist, it was interesting to read about the intricate preparations that have taken place in honour of this ceremonious day. So, whilst I am not donning my Union Jack and having an ex-pat style street party in our sleepy swiss village, I do wish our Royal Family, guests and loyal supporters the memorable day that they deserve.

Royal Reception

I have to put it out there

So you’ve the honest gist

I‘m not that patriotic

I’m not a royalist

And yet from what I gather

This day is quite a gig

More than a thousand guests

The royals do it big!

And Windsor Castle Chapel

A colourful delight

With peonies and roses

A stunning, floral sight

There will be flags and horses

Six Windsor greys I’m told

And pals from the armed forces

Will also be involved

Despite the false perceptions

I feel the need to stress

The royals do not merit

A bashing from the press

For tourism is booming

Thanks to our noble folk

So no more doom and glooming

Without them Blighty’s broke!

Good luck to Meg and Harry

It’s nearly time to wed

And as the lovebirds marry

Let’s raise a toast instead!

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Picture : https://hips.hearstapps.com/elleuk.cdnds.net/17/48/1511864873-gettyimages-881832104.jpg?resize=768:*


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