Rain Reframed

When viewed through the right lense rainy weather can be a refreshing break from the sun’s intensity. After a very decent spell of hit weather, last Thursday (bang on cue for Bank Holiday!) the heavens opened. Determined not to let the downpour dampen the spirit of our cheeky mini break in the Alsace, I decided to explore its virtues in the following poem.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my sponsored Poetrython this Saturday. If you would still like to sponsor and help build a garden den for my friend’s eleven year old son who is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour here is the link :


Hot Rain

The windscreen wipers start to jive

It’s steaming up the panes

I write beside you as you drive

Inspired by hot rain

The dots and dashes hit the glass

Like random art they splatter

By smudgy mountains we now pass

Hot rain the grass does batter

The shiny paths before us curve

The tarmac like a mirror

To miss the puddles we must swerve

The soaking streets now shimmer

Some people curse the crying sky

They pray for sun again

But now I see the reason why

The dry soil needs hot rain

There is a greenness everywhere

No more does nature wane

Relief is leaping in the air

Rejoicing this hot rain


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