Bridging The Gap

Whilst I was walking across the good old Nepomuk bridge this weekend I began contemplating its cobbled nature. The way that all the diverse stones come together to create a stronger, more homogeneous whole felt like such a great tribute to diversity. I am a firm believer in celebrating our quirkiness and this was a great visual reminder of how our differences can empower society.

Cobbled Bridge Convention

The cobbled bridge, a well worn trail

Each rock a random shade

From where do all the odd stones hail?

Where were these misfits made?

For strangely they all seem to match

A patchwork quilt design

A bonkers but endearing batch

Of rocks this bridge defines

I can’t help feel that life’s more real

When quirky comes together

For we all hurt and we all feel

Despite our best endeavours

So spiky grooved or pebble smooth

Pink speckled, dark or pale

Let’s make an arch for feet to move

And pimp this cobbled trail

Dear friends,

I am doing a 24 hour Poetrython this Saturday 19th May (24 poems in 24 hours) to raise funds to build a garden den for one of my best friend’s exceptionally brave 11 year old son who has just undergone treatment for a brain tumour. It would be brilliant if you could donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:

Thanks for your support

Love Sam 🙂


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