Write On

I am a stubborn bugger at times, particularly when it comes to ensuring that I pen my daily poem! It’s a part of me these days and I feel like something’s missing if I don’t write. One busy and unusually windy Monday the only window of opportunity to write arose as I was carrying two heavy bags of shopping up the hill in our village. Most sensible folk would have forgone the writing session in favour of walking in a straight line but I’ve never been one to conform!

Windswept Wanderer

I’m blustering along like a used Kitkat wrapping

Whose course is defined by the wind

The over-filled bag on my left arm is flapping

The chap that walks by me just grins

The urge to give up on my poem I’ve fought her

The bushes in vain shake their heads

They know that I’ll write this come hell or high water

So I’ll lay where I’ve made my bed

And as the gusts calm quite sore is my arm

weighed down by bananas and berries

My hair blown around like old straw in a farm

But my disposition still merry

Dear friends,

I am doing a 24 hour Poetrython this Saturday 19th May (24 poems in 24 hours) to raise funds to build a garden den for one of my best friend’s exceptionally brave 11 year old son who has just undergone treatment for a brain tumour. It would be brilliant if you could donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:


Thanks for your support

Love Sam 🙂

Image : https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/golden-pen-wings-16437702.jpg


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