Fairground Attraction

For the last few weeks my head has been full of website creation questions (most of the technical details of which go right over my head!), Instagram hashtags and logo downloading procedures. This setting up a Life Coaching business malarkey is way more complex than I anticipated and I am truly out of my comfort zone. I am excited and grateful though to be taking such significant steps towards work which I am so utterly passionate about, even if the business element does all feel like being on a fairground ride at times!

Fairground Feelings

Don’t want to stop the ride

Though far too fast it spins

I’m taking giant strides

It’s loud this fairground din!

Like Waltzers my thoughts churning

Feel sick but on a high

This business lark I’m learning

Takes more than meets the eye

Feels like I won the teddy

Sometimes we make our luck

I’m eager and I’m ready

I’m hooked just like a duck

A Dodgem in the daytime

Like Candy Floss by night

And work now feels like playtime

This Fairground ride feels right!

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