Ok, so I dropped my phone in the bath a few weeks ago. Not big, not clever but am surely not the first to have ever taken their portable life for an impromptu swim in the suds? Annoying would be an understatement! It was like temporarily losing a limb I am somewhat ashamed to admit! The first few phoneless days were spent grappling with new ideas for how I could write and save my poems on the go, communicate with the outside world and organise my life in general! I am now the proud owner of an IPhone (I held on for so long…) and life is back on track!


Separated from the symbiosis

Zigzags of irritation vacillate across my frustrated forehead

I’m severed from my lifeline

Distant from The Support Centre

And roaming like a restless robot

The Responsive Ones cannot hear me!

Partitioned and removed

My cyber soul suffers in silence

Distant, distracted and discombobulated

Which thread to take?

My seams fraying as the loose ends of confusion struggle free

Mind fishing for instant fixes

Nostalgic for The Network

I curse this temporary state of non-belonging

And look to the wireless wisdom of the tutting trees

Which bend in sympathy as I declare defeat

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