Cosy Mosey

At the end of our recent Rhine hike, staying true to form, we finished up in a cosy Gasthaus for a hot meal and some beers. As we slowly slipped our Maisel-Weisse I recalled the highlights of the walk and captured them in the lines below. If only I could earn a living from hiking, writing and drinking the local plonk!

Rhinetime Fine

Rheinfelden to Bad-Säckingen

We trekked a far few k’s

Did not think we’d be back again

After the last wet day

But this time Spring was kind to us

Wild primroses galore

The past was out of mind for us

As we trekked back for more

The Beuggen castle greeted us

The crested glebes bobbed by

The passing bicycles beeped at us

The Daffodils wondered why

We were not far from our home address

And loved the lilt of The Rhine

Two Maisel Weiss and my feet hurt less

Time for pyjamas and wine


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