Mindful Spring

After a sunny day in the Alsace I decided to squeeze a mini local walk in and headed to the natural reserve area not far from our pad. I had not yet seen the area in early Spring and was blown away by the tranquil treat that it had in store for me. When I told Andros about it I found myself saying that I wish that I had captured the verdant scene on camera. In hindsight though I think the mindful moment would have been completely lost.

Chance Oasis

Roaming through the lushness

A walking meditation

I notice when I rush less

There’s more appreciation

The waterfall is trickling

And my soul starts to bubble

It calms the parts still prickling

And clears the useless rubble

I’m stunned by this green imagery

It’s like I’ve been revived

It’s not contrived or gimmicky

To breathe as new life thrives

I walked to feel some solitude

But more than this I’ve found

Oasis of pure gratitude

Your sparkling, chirping sounds

They fill my ears with merriment

I’m just so glad I’m here

Spontaneous experiment

True mindfulness appears


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