Alsatian Contemplation

When planning some day trips for Easter break, I suggested a trip to Mont Sainte Odile in the north of the Alsace. I remembered having been photographed outside the monastery a good few years ago whilst visiting friends but was keen to do the full tour. So, equipped with our touristy audioguides and a bright morning, we began the tour. A real must-see for anyone staying in the Strasbourg area.

Mont Sainte Odile

We visited Mont Sainte Odile

A spot of still reflection

The tall pines of The Vosges instilled

A sense of calm protection

The sundial cast a telling light

The lime trees‘ wisdom lingered

A chaffinch put the world to rights

The cool wind chilled my fingers

The Chapel of the Tears shone gold

and blue and drew me nearer

I lit a candle in the church

There could be no one dearer

And once again I heard your words

Let goodness be your guide

We visited Mont Sainte Odile

Where true refuge resides


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