Nimble Symbol

The last day of April and I’ve made it to the end of the daily poetry challenge! I have posted 33 poems in total and I’m definitely up for another round in October. The final prompt is to choose a weird fact from a suggested list and to write about it. I was curious to find out that the humble hashtag goes by another name, or two it would seem!


An octotroph they tell me

I really had no clue

The symbol that’s so overused

(Hashtag to me and you)

Despite myself I use it

It has a pompous sound

Too much and you abuse it

Americans say ‘the pound’

And just when I have got it

To fuel my frustration

Some sources claim that ‘octothorpe’s

another variation

# I’m beyond caring

# I’ve had my fill

# Beyond repairing

It’s hashtag overkill!


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