Shades of Sardinia

What a gift it was today to reminisce about the amazing coming-of-age backpacking trips I did with my lovely friend Rosie in my mid twenties! Sardinia has remained in my heart ever since and I have returned there nearly every year for my annual fix! A real case of leaving a part of yourself wherever you go I think, especially when there is a little romance with an albeit stereotypically named Mario in the mix! So, the prompt was to write a prose poem in the style of a postcard and, well, it would have been rude not to!

Postcard to Mario

We stumbled fortuitously upon Fertilia.

Two scraggly, vagabonds armed with cheap plane tickets and a need for adventure.

You and those mischievous eyes glad to be distracted from recent grief.

Mr Papera!

I smile to recall how you switched my light back on.

A vessel for my vehemence.

How the two of us tapped little love lines into old-school mobiles,

ridiculously excited to be reacquainted in Alghero!

I can still hear the languorous lapping of the blue-sage sea

Thank you for the memorable Mirto moments and dawn dalliances!

For the smell of over-sweetened Cornetti and the familiarity we felt at the rocky beach.

For the beauty of Bosa and the calm of Castelsardo.

And most of all for the wise charm of your Sardinian smile,

an unwitting gateway to a lifelong love affair with an incredible island.


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