The Time Warp

As I grab a little creative time this morning, I notice that our day twenty five poetry challenge is to write a poem that takes the form of a warning label for ourselves. I have written a poem which reminds me to stay aware of those things which drain my time and have written it in the form of a warning letter to the dreaded time thief! Time is precious and I don’t know about you but I want to spend mine as meaningfully and creatively as possible! I also have The Time Warp on the brain as I went to see Rocky Horror on Friday with my lovely friend Luna!

Message to The Time Thief

Don’t take it from me unannounced

It is the only thing I own

Don’t owe you every single ounce

My flesh is not something I loan

Don’t squeeze it from me like a tube

I’m not some fast food condiment

Don’t box me in like I’m a cube

Won’t suck it up to pay the rent

Whilst you in all your neutral tones

Regurgitate what you’ve been told

I won’t be your faithful clone

Too many their poor souls have sold

Outside how all the leaves rejoice

Their red and yellow shades agree

I have the right to my own voice

I need to spend it meaningfully

Don’t waste it like it’s yours to use

Your callousness beggars belief

Respect my living right to choose

I have no space for you Time Thief


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