To my Dad

Writing an elegy to someone we have lost which has a positive spin to it is the theme of this morning’s NaPoWriMo poetry challenge. Since December 2016, I have written so many poems about my Dad (or should I say that they have written themselves) as he is a huge source of inspiration to me. Today I am including one older poem (Strong) and one new one (Resplendent Legacy) about the most fantastic person I ever knew.



Not loud or fierce or brash or rough

A strength made of much stronger stuff

Your strength had no need to play tough

Your love of life was quite enough

You stood so tall, courageous mountain

Strength poured from you like a fountain

Body burning, tired, crying

But your pure soul did not stop trying

Dying was not in your plan

You wise, amazing, special man

Resilient, forever kind

Your fortitude came from your mind

And from your heart so altruistic

Thankful, hopeful, optimistic

Strong as water, freely flowing

Warm and homely fire glowing

Like cherry blossom, blooming, Spring

A natural strength based on feeling

Strong as faith and light as air

I feel your power everywhere

An ancient, Indian spirit song

You’ve shown me how a real man’s strong



Resplendent Legacy


Can still see you sat down with me

Just over two years ago

Can still remember how I felt

When on our walks we’d go

Can still recall the lengths you went

To let me know I mattered

The heart to hearts, the moments spent

The day when raindrops pattered

The time we travelled back in time

To the sport centre fayre

We swung and talked in the sunshine

Can picture us both there

Can still recall the way we’d sing

Good Christian Men Rejoice

Poor Dave would hold his ears and cringe

Can still recall your voice

Can still remember how you held me

When you were so frail

When I’m back here, memories appear

Rich feelings never pale

The sense of pride to see you there

The main role on the stage

Your faith in life and how you cared

A humble real life sage

Can still hear how you’d say my name

You always stood by me

I’m honoured that you were my Dad

Resplendent legacy


28 thoughts on “To my Dad

      1. It was really easy between your beautiful memorial and being a daddy’s girl myself. My dad went to be the Lord in 2005. I miss him all the time, especially when times are hard because he always looked out for his family. It’s about finance or anything like. I know you can relate when I say it was about knowing someone cared about anything that would bring me heartache, and would do anything to lessen any burden. I am thankful for memories of being older and able to give “some” of that love back, but it pales in comparison in what the Lord used him to do for his family. ❤ I am grateful the Lord allowed us to connect, sister.


  1. Your poignant poetry takes my breath away! In part because it is so beautiful and also because, were I a poet, I would write the same about my own Father. Time has not diminished the empty spot in my heart that only he could fill. Thank-you.

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