Natural Beauty

True beauty, in my opinion, is more often than not found in nature. Today’s poetry challenge prompt is to write a poem that comments on the narcissism of our time, i.e. beauty and body obsession, etc. I decided to explore the theme by focusing on the need to look out of ourselves and away from air-brushed perfection in order to discover authentic beauty. Now back to the gardening!

Finding Beauty

Between the cracks of broken pots

A glimpse of light peaks through

It makes me grateful for my lot

These pots like me and you

I’ve seen some sunsets and some storms

And both have brought me learning

For beauty comes in many forms

For norms, I’ve no more yearnings

Yes what looks good and how it should

Is often very lacking

Inside as stiff as varnished wood

Let’s send those falsehoods packing

And beauty speaks to those who seek

In unexpected places

From vivid orange blackbird beaks

To craggy, lived-in faces

Within the cusp tween day and dusk

It’s harmony salutes me

An oaky, worldly, natural musk

Floats through my veins and roots me

Spare me the sheen of popcorn dreams

I see this as our duty

Forget the anti-ageing creams

Dig deep and find real beauty

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