Starry, starry night

My lovely Grandma used to tell my brother and I a story about a magic scooter when we were children. Many of the details of the story escape me now but the excitement I felt when hearing the story has stayed with me ever since. Today’s poetry prompt is to write a poem retelling a family anecdote so I thought it was only fit to reveal the mystery of The Magic Scooter!

The Magic Scooter


As the night time sky glittered like a sea of brooches,

off she set..

Two rainbow striped legs and a red cardamon cardigan

which hung loosely as she pedalled

Beep, beep! – the familiar fanfare sounded as the village children scrambled out of bed, eager to experience the evening’s event

each one spellbound by the magnificent metal of The Magic Scooter

Evening blue splashed with majestic moons and shooting stars

each shiny metallic inch reflecting the shameless splendour of the nascent night

As she rode around the winding ways, every new corner revealed a new neighbour

Each rambunctious recruit unable to contain their excitement as they commenced their journey

towards the splendid stars

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