Rhyme’s no Crime!

As many people who read my blog are aware, I love a good bit of rhyme! I enjoy the childlike process of making sounds match and of giving words special emphasis in the process. Day 16 of the poetry challenge encourages us to write a poem in which play features prominently so I have chosen to write about my ol’ mate Rhyme!

Rhyme and Reason

Rhyme you help keep me on track

Creating you is a good crack

Free flow – a real punch it can pack

But Rhyme you always have my back!

When time is short, the odds are stacked

You have the most uncanny knack

For you my Rhyme, I’ll take the flack

You help words stick, you’re like Blue Tac

No need my tired brain to wrack

You tough and tried dear old rain mac

It’s fun to feel the beats you stack

You fill me with love shack attack


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