Market Mayhem

Today’s poetic prompt is to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once. Immediately a market scene came to mind so I penned this poem whilst munching on my muesli!


Limewood Square


It’s Saturday in Limewood Square

And market day’s kicked off

There’s far too many people there

At trade they cannot scoff

Some farmers come, fresh veg to trade

Their voices bleat like sheep

A carrot roles off their display

And lands beneath their feet

Down on the right, can’t miss the sight

Of icy cod and trout

The odour wafts with all its might

Invading our poor snouts

The clothing stall, against the wall

Is filled with nylon dresses

They’re not a good look shade at all

Some faded beige style messes

Folk cycle past, a bit too fast

The passageways are narrow

I feel myself stifle a laugh

As one wheel clips a marrow!

The buzzy chat of this and that

Combines with morning traffic

In one car boot a boy is sat

Reluctantly held static

There’s wide boy blokes and morning smoke

Each claim a deal that’s fair

The mayhem that this scene evokes

Makes me love Limewood Square


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