In between planting some Spring flowers on a beautiful sunny day, Sunday’s prompt took me to a dark and gloomy land! The idea was to write about a place where mysterious things occur in a fierce, funny or strange way and this weird piece was what I came up with!

Fralia’s Calamika

Calamika’s a feral place

Where wild wolves roam at will

There is no room for social grace

Souls creak like window sills

The primal screams of broken dreams

Send chills down shaking spines

The rancid rain runs down in streams

And forms in pools of grime

Calamika’s a nightmare land

Where crows fly past your head

Thank goodness Fralia understands

Such spells should not be read

For she’s a good witch after all

With pure white magic thinking

But cross her and you’ll surely fall

Calamika! You’re sinking…


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