Different Hats

Not quite so prompt with my reaction to the poetry prompt today but still Saturday so am on track! Today’s suggestion is to write down some of the roles and ways that you could describe yourself and then to create a list poem in which contending or comparable roles are placed next to each other. In the following poem I have tried to capture some of the different roles that I play.

Identity Parade

I am…

a poet

a list writer

an idealist

and a realist

a teacher

a life coach

a Southampton lass

an Italian at heart

a cat lover

and a dog walker

a truth seeker

a chameleon

a feeler

a doer

a nature lover

and a make-up wearer

a gospel choir girl

and a singer of showtunes

a thrill seeker

a sensitive soul

a water baby

and an a landlubber

a sun seeker

a shady lady

a goal setter

a coaster

a traveller

a Dornacher

Forever changing

Yet always me


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