High as a Kite

Day four of the competition and it is my birthday to boot! Today’s challenge is to write a poem that is about something abstract – perhaps an ideal like “beauty” or “justice,” but which discusses or describes that abstraction in the form of relentlessly concrete nouns and adjectives. I decided to explore the theme of Euphoria in the following poem :



A hot air balloon in the full blue sky

A boundless bowl of bursting blueberries

A star jump in the glittery galaxy

A long, wild, auburn mane of copious curls

A spurting fountain of free expression

The shiny, winning coins at the amusement arcade

Jellicle cats leaping across a thrilled theatre

The tangy, timeless zest of lemon meringue

Flaming lava flowing from erupting Etna

A dancing dolphin in the open sea

A fresh,breezy morning on a faraway hill

My gleeful rabbit springing in his grassy run

The illusive summit of the arduous mountain climb

Paolo Nutini’s “Ten out of Ten”

Jasmine fields on a late summer’s day

The unfolding fruition of my life’s purpose




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