Band Land

Day three of the global poetry writing competition and I’m in the zone! Am particularly upbeat this morning as I learned last night that I passed my final oral exam and am now a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach! Yaaaaaaaay! Back to all things poetry, today’s challenge is to create a list poem of new band names. This was fun and had endless possibilities. A great way of stimulating free flowing creativity!

I‘m With The Band

The Tormented Tortoises

Bubbly Jubbly

Tea and Toast

The F.O.M.O Mojos

The Hotel Keys

The Earlybirds

Ribbons and Reasons

The Slates

Holey Pyjamas

Can’t Cook Won’t Cook

Storm in a Teacup

The Tiny Triangles


Next to Nothing

Man Up

Feet Beat

Over The Rainbow

Pillow Talk

Cut to The Chase

The Daylight Divas

The Sunset Wanderers

Back for More

The Long Lashes

Head in The Clouds

Goodie Gumdrops

Three Little Missies

The Fresh Faces



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