Smoke gets in your Eyes

Today’s task was to experiment with different voices within the same poem. I have not often played around with this way of writing and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to explore the way in which a simple smell (cigar smoke) could evoke such different emotional memories depending on the perspective of the protagonist. It is really exciting to receive a different prompt every day and I like the new angles it can bring to poetry writing.

Cigar Smoke

The sensual smoke drifted past his nostalgic nose

Smiling inside, he recalled dark rum nights and the crunch of ice-cubes,

emerging improvisations and the beguiling glitter of her smitten pupils

Dark dances and raspy riffs

What he wouldn’t give…

A part of his world fading as the smokey cloud dissolved into the careless chill of the March morning

The stifling stench invaded her nauseated nostrils

Crying inside, she returned to desperate nights when he gasped for air,

lifeless lungs and the resigned rancour of his fragile form

Dark daylight and heartbreaking hopes

If only he’d have listened…

Her purpose promptly reinstated as the polluting puff dissipated into the clean candour of the March morning

The familiar fumes floated past their harmonious home

Laughing aloud, they journeyed back to the crucial creation which funded their very foundations

A lick of paint and some fancy, factory flyers

Smoke until yer’ heart‘s content…

Gratitude growing as the cool walls defended them from the heartless heat


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