Cheese, you Tease!

Day one of the GloPoWriMo, write thirty poems in one month challenge and am feeling up for it! (Oo er!)Today, the challenge is to write a poem about a secret shame or secret pleasure and cheese immediately sprang to mind! Now that my life affair with cheese is officially out there, I think it’s time I celebrated with a slab of Gorgonzola!

Competition website :

Confessions of a Cheese Addict

It’s time my secret was unearthed

This love affair won’t ease

Quite frankly since I joined this earth

I’ve had a crush on cheese!

I’m on my knees each time I spy

A raunchy piece of cheddar

Gruyère or Emmenthal and my

heart’s light, and soft as feathers

The draw of Sbrinz has me convinced

And Tête de Moine’s compelling

It’s not by chance or circumstance

that on Swiss soil I’m dwelling!

Too much Raclette, I just can’t get

My heart melts with each portion

Fondue is always a safe bet

My lust defies proportion!

And who needs sweets or chocolate treats

when Brie and grapes are calling?

Poor substitutes cannot compete

It’s clear for whom I’m falling!

I guess it shows how far this goes

We are made for each other

Dear Cheese, you had me at hello!

I’ll always be your lover!

25 thoughts on “Cheese, you Tease!

    1. Angela! Too many serendipitous similarities for us not to be in contact! Are you on Facebook? You can find me under SJ Allen and my page is called New Flow Coaching. Great to connect with humour over all things cheesey! 🙂

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  1. This was great fun!
    Fortunately, there is no such thing as too much cheese.
    Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much wine. I can’t drink very much of that these days, so the cheese stands alone much of the time.


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