Soul Searching

What makes people abandon their dreams? Perhaps responsibility, disappointment or the consolation that life can be lived vicariously. There are so many excuses that we can make but we are only deceiving ourselves. Dreams create energy, drive and sometimes the impossible. It is not always practical to realise all of our dreams but neither should we deprive ourselves of the experience of contemplating them. What would it be to give yourself to dream more often?

Dream Catcher

The aching tones of winter’s moans

Cry through the bright crisp day

But these threats are like sticks and stones

No groans can dull my way

Despite the chill, my heart it spills

With more dreams in the making

Go on and judge, I’ve had my fill

It’s not my soul that’s breaking

The air is dry, but March is nigh

My choices neverending

I look my passion in the eye

Embrace the signs it’s sending

On Dornach hill the bird call’s shrill

So many joys are hatching

Too short for ‘mights’ or ‘perhaps I will’

Today is for dream catching

7 thoughts on “Soul Searching

  1. I love your poetry, Sam. I had to let a lot of my dreams go when my son passed. I can’t say I expect many dreams to come true anymore, because I don’t want to be disappointed, but this post really made me think. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


      1. Thank you, Sam. I appreciate your kind words. My blog is part of my therapy, and sometimes I do ramble a bit too much.
        I have found the support from other bloggers to be so amazing! 🙂


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