Dissembling The Gremlin

There is a nagging, self-limiting voice within all of us which given half the chance would dictate that we spent every waking hour protecting ourselves from our fears. When we don’t dial this voice out we play small, hold back and focus on the what ifs. In Co-Active coaching we refer to this voice as the Saboteur or Gremlin but call it what you like he/she is still a bastard! Some clients give creative expression to their inner Gremlin, allowing themselves some distance from this voice and the required self awareness to challenge it. I have noticed that when I focus on my passion, The Gremlin’s power is greatly diminished!

The Spirit and The Saboteur

The Spirit and The Saboteur
Sat on the bench one day
The Saboteur sat quite bemused
to hear The Spirit say
“My passion is my confidence
I have it come what may
You may think I lack common sense
And get carried away
But Saboteur, you silly thing
This is the only way!
Imagine if my life was led
By your words night and day?
I’d live inside a busy head
My safe world oh so grey
My soul for sure would not be fed
I’d wile my life away
I’d live in fear and full of dread!
There’d be no room for play
Much safer to stay in my bed
And keep all risk at bay
You love it so, the status quo
But please my needs respect
Don’t need to spend each hour God sends
Keeping myself in check”
The Spirit mocked and this was clocked
He mimicked all too well
All he could do was just take stock
Drowned by his warning bells
He had no words, The Saboteur
His nagging voice was damaged
The Spirit distant from his lure
A puff of smoke – he vanished!


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