The Snow Show

We awoke to an impressive snowfall on Sunday morning which filled Dornach with unexpected charm. Branches and bushes were indeed thick with snow and you could have been forgiven for thinking that we were still in December. The kitty cats loved the chance to tear around the garden wrecking mayhem whilst Android and I ventured out for a photographic jaunt in the hills and along the river, thoroughly taken in by this impromptu snowfest.

Spontaneous Winter Wonderland

Spontaneous winter wonderland
A trick up March’s sleeve
The cats’ paws sink in white quicksand
It feels like Christmas Eve
The powder snow beneath our toes
In cotton wool we wander
Like icicles the branches glow
Their white delight shines yonder
The robins dig beneath cold twigs
Unearthing worms from hiding
And Ebsy, Nera and Zig Zigs
Play hide and seek slip sliding!
Despite the snow, The Birs still flows
Like Radox blue bath bubbles
Front tickets for this striking show
We’re glad we took the trouble
Spontaneous Winter Wonderland
We are two lucky people
I always find, when we make time
To venture out, I’m gleeful


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