The Cycle of Life

As budding and highly amateur gardening enthusiasts, young Andrew and I now relish the opportunity to get green-fingered in Spring. The idea was planted, if you pardon the pun, after we lost Dad. There had been an unbearable amount of loss around this time and planting new life was, alongside my writing, a great form of therapy. Planting is now a sort of ritual for us and this March, after sadly losing our little bunny Chia, it continues to feel like a healing process. This year as we plant our seeds, we remember our departed furry friends, Lenny, Chia, Hovie and Crunchie and celebrate our thriving kitties and bunnies.


We planted egg trays full of cress
And seeds of joy were growing
As usual I made quite a mess
You gave a look so knowing
The Zen brigade outstretched were laid
Bemused by Dolly’s presence
Whilst Spoonytunes he just sunbathed
He’d lost his effervescence
For though she drove him round the bend
He missed his Chia, sadly
We all had lost our furry friend
And sought distraction badly
We said a prayer for those up there
For Hovie, Crunch and Lenny
Asking God to take good care
The hours of fun, so many
To lose your loved ones is a test
And what we’d learned was showing
We planted egg trays full of cress
And seeds of joy were growing


4 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life

  1. I so understand your sentiments here. We’ve lost many pets over the years, bunnies, guinea pugs etc and somehow planting something afterwards is always healing.


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