Spring in The Wings

The burgeoning desire of Spring can be sensed in the air this week and I cannot wait! Us April girls often have a special connection with the Spring months and after the deep freeze of two weeks ago, bring it on I say! We are not quite there yet but the prelude of Spring’s allure can already be sensed in the sights, sounds and scents out in nature. And how we awaken when it finally arrives!

Marching On

The creaking wind disturbs the fields
Sends fertiliser spinning
The fallen trees provide no shield
Now that they’ve had their innings
The scent of crops and leafy tops
Combine with farmyard fragrance
And birds of prey circle the spot
And scan for baby vagrants
The silage blends as pre-Spring sends
Its peaty hints of sowing
The well water is on the mend
The broken ice now flowing
And as I pass tufts of new grass
Appear to grow each moment
Two locals ride their horse and cart
Key countryside components
A jogger huffs and takes deep puffs
Relieved no hat is needed
We told you March, enough’s enough!
It looks like you have heeded


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