Whatever The Weather

Last Saturday was a slushy, grey day as the deep freeze began to melt. It didn’t exactly tempt you to brandish the Nordic walking sticks but boy was it worth it! I love those days when most people are tucked up inside binge watching Netflix episodes and I get to experience solitude in nature. As I ascended the hill, the seemingly gloomy day took on a unique beauty that I hadn’t anticipated.


The Thaw

The path’s a grey-white slushy mess
The rain runs like a river
Some Spring shoots have survived the test
My feet on soft sludge slither
The sky’s a silent sleepy shroud
Beyond the swirl, hope’s lurking
It’s promise bursting from the clouds
Fresh air effect is working!
The moss screams out electric green
From dripping, sodden banks
Some baby buds can now be seen
The brambles twist in thanks
The scene is grey and miles away
From chocolate box style sketching
Yet stunning in unusual ways
I just wasn’t expecting
I won’t bemoan the earthy tone
Which sprouts from winter’s parting
Now that The Thaw to me has shown
It signal’s new life’s starting


10 thoughts on “Whatever The Weather

    1. Thanks I take many of the photos but not all. This one was mine though. Loved your trio of poems and the repetition of the soft fruit line gave real texture to your words! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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