Muse at The View

One sunny morning at the local beach in Foz I had a really beautiful meditation experience. I had hastily downloaded a few tracks prior to my stay in the hope of finally making the time to squeeze a session or two in and randomly selected a very grounding tibetan bell recording. I opted to meditate with my eyes open as, the truth be told, I wanted to keep my eye on my handbag. It was blissful to experience twenty uninterrupted minutes musing the waves crash to the shore like fervent fingers running across gigantic piano keys and the Tibetan bells further enhanced the experience!

Healing Sea

A sea of fervent fingers, exploring every key
I sit, steady upon the cool rock
Short insights surge forth from the evolving ocean
It is I who paints the picture
And my body needs stillness
And we get what we need
She was right…
Bold winter sun beams through black cotton
And the salty morning breeze awakens brighter thinking
You are here, looking on.
And I’m filled with hopeful grief
What a man you were!
When we sit and watch, the mystery unfolds
Naturally and seamlessly as the changing light of day
I’m still walking with you
Running with the baton that you passed
In awe of the healing cycle of the sea


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