Don’t Wish for Boiled Fish

If there here was one piece of life advice I could give anyone it would be, do not eat boiled cod. Ever. Spaggy and I enjoyed some fantastic dining experiences during our Portuguese escape, but boiled fish (however quaint and home run the eaterie appeared to be) was not a personal favourite. Don’t do it! Then again, most things are washed down ok with a sunset cocktail or two Foz style!

Boiled Cod

The taste was pungent, rather odd
We ordered it – us two daft sods
(In disbelief, I’m sure you nod)
The texture dry, stiff as a rod
This dish to wish is for strange bods
So far removed from dining mods
For our own back we made two rods
Great starchy mounds, like cotton wads
We grimaced, like peas in a pod
If there exists a cooked fish God
I pray please spare me Boiled Cod!


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