God Bless Chia

Our poor little bunny Chia unfortunately didn’t make it through last night. She had got to a good age and probably struggled with the cold temperatures of late. She was a real survivor of a rabbit, reminding Andy and I of my fantastic Grandma in many ways who lived until she was 99. She dealt so well with our house move, losing her best mate Hovie and being matched up with Spoonytunes so soon after. Today I’m reposting an old poem about our lovely little girl. Rest in peace Chia. We miss you xxx


Chia the Comeback Queen

The year was full of twisted fate
You lost your treasured grey soul mate
Your favourite patch gone as you grieved
And no more dandelion leaves
Your fur grew thicker, matted brown
No one to lick your cute ears down
And Spoony turned up in the mix
(As if you hadn’t had your fix)
White balls of fluff flew in the air
As you showed him you’d had your share
You’d lost your home and lost your mate
And Spoony’s presence sealed your fate
Forced together, chalk and cheese
Your lion head was not best pleased
A lightning ball with white spoon ears
As if from nowhere did appear
But one year on, you’re back on form
And life with Spoony is the norm
The two of you are back on track
You’ve got your bunny mojo back!
And for the most part you are friends
(Although he drives you round the bend)
Your spritely skips around the run
Are filled with cheeky Springtime fun
He even gives your ears a clean
Spritely Chia, the comeback queen



14 thoughts on “God Bless Chia

  1. Beautiful poem for Chia. “Bunny mojo”!
    Warm thoughts for all missing Chia – including Spoony. We recently introduced a kitten into the household with a 12-yr-old cat who lost her mate a year ago … our queen was NOT amused eiher, initially, but then someone has to teach a kitten to back off once in a while.
    Have always wished I could have a pet rabbit – sounds like I’d need two, not one.

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    1. Thanks Jazz. A sad day our end as you can imagine. We will be back to the bunny breeder on Saturday so that Spoony isn’t left on his own too long. Bet it is cute to have a kitten even though The Queen was a little put out at the start?!? Our three kitties rule the roost. We feel like we live in their house! 🙂

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