Deep Freeze

It was such a shock to return to the deep freeze here in Switzerland after the warm week in Porto. My colleague, amused by my very British grumblings about the weather suggested “Try living in Canada where it gets to minus 40!” No thank you very much! Ok, so we aren’t quite yet at eyelash-freezing extremes but it is bloody cold and I rather enjoyed writing my over dramatised account of the current weather! When the weather is this cold, The Tingueley fountain in Basel, pictured above, even freezes!

Swiss Siberia

Walking through Siberia
Think my face might fall off
The temperatures, inferior
It’s drier than a cough
My eyes drip down like icicles
The birds call frantic meetings
My limbs like rusty bicycles
Hope this freeze will be fleeting
We’re all like frozen ready meals
Where is the defrost function?
Cause cold’s the only thing I feel
Pure perish at each junction
Enough of this hysteria
The chill must be called off
Walking through Siberia
Think my face might fall off!


8 thoughts on “Deep Freeze

  1. I sit in my old drafty house in Riga, Latvia with ice and snow all around. I am stuck in one warm room because that is the best I can do keep one very warm room where I live with my cat Sid and I can work on my PC and I can sleep. The rest of the house is Siberia. I am looking to get out of this place and head back to my homeland the U.S. I might just make it if only this deep freeze would let up. Let’s all think warm thoughts and hope we get out of Siberia soon.

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