Wish you were Here

Although we were lucky to arrive on the same day, poor Spaggers, based in Cornwall had to endure two flights to reach Porto and my Basel flight arrived eight hours before hers. Determined to get grounded in my new digs and not feel too lonely prior to her arrival, I hatched a plan to check out the jogging path along the beach. Eleven happy kilometres later and I was already convinced that this was a fantastic destination. As I looked out to the stunning sea, I felt overcome with longing to share this beautiful moment with Dad and the tears followed shortly after. Thankfully I was not wearing mascara!

First Run

The waves crash down like waterfalls
I’m energised and free
No ounce of me is tired at all
Could have done twenty three
There’s no one else upon this stretch
of grainy mustard sand
We make our lives seem so complex
When nature’s far more grand
The rocks collide with jets of spume
The gulls swoop with the swelling
We look for joy as we consume
And miss what the tide’s telling
I shed a tear, more gulls appear
If only they’d return you
We’d sit and smile if you were here
The pain of absence burns you
No need for more than on this shore
One February Monday
This moment’s touched me to the core
A special Porto run day


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