Wash over Me

It is a great feeling when I achieve something that I set out to do. All too often I skim over this feeling, not allowing its full extent to impact me. One day I was lying in the bath feeling really proud about a small but significant accomplishment. Instead of mentally moving on to the next item on my to do list, I made a conscious choice to stay with this feeling whilst I bathed. My bathing experience was all the more relaxing because of this decision and I promised myself to give myself more permission to bathe in success in the future!


Lying in the aftermath
A warm bath whose healing salts are slowly seeping in
I luxuriate…
The soft drops of self respect running through my toes
My tired mind safe in the knowing
My shrivelled fingers floating lazily
“We are love”, I hear you whisper…
And for once my judgement remains upon the shelf
Travelling to that far flung place
My purpose, glowing and tangible
Exotic journey to my source
The jasmine waters lapping like a moat around my eager heart
My soul shining through the sumptuous château windows
A fleeting glimpse of appreciation
I bathe in the reverberations…


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