Blessings in Disguise

A missed connection to the unfortunately named Giswil on Saturday turned out better than the infuriated Android had anticipated. Ok, so I had been dawdling along the platform with my earphones still on and had missed his warning about our train arriving four minutes late! The missed train experience though had meant that we avoided battling with the foggy conditions in the mountains in favour of walking along Luzern lake. Our unforseen detour regaled us with a very endearing encounter with a group of red crested pochards and our initial plan no longer seemed important!


The Rhyme of The Red Crested Pochards

A missed connection in Luzern
Turned out to be a blessing
The weather had taken a turn
There was no point in messing
And so we strode along the lake
The water clear and calming
The fog was thick, make no mistake
But your charm was disarming
Red puffed up wigs between the twigs
Like pop stars from the eighties
I’d never seen lake flocks so big
As your clan of duck maties
Your brown white wings set off like Kings
Your red beaked chirpy faces
When we approached, you crafty things
swam back to distant places!
Black as the night against the white
Your regal breasts well rested
It was a gift to catch this sight
Of pochards so red crested


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