The Simple Pleasures


A couple of Sundays ago young Android suggested having a cuppa on the memorial bench at the back of our garden. Given the minute dimensions of our rabbit-munched lawn, you’d think we might make the Mecca across to the bench more often. Somehow though, the garden sofa always seems the quicker option. We sat there, listening to the birds, warming our hands around our un-matching mugs and enthused about the fact that it was not yet dark. It was a precious, intimate moment of contented normality and on Android’s departure I lingered in the aftermath a little longer watching the sunset and feeling lucky for what I have. And I swear Dad was there too.



We’re sitting on our garden bench
A Sunday at half five
A cuppa my slight thirst has quenched
Still daylight in my eyes
Enjoyment in normality
You nod behind me smiling
Our thoughts create reality
Your wisdom I’m compiling
The branches, bare, hang in the air
Aware that Spring time’s looming
They know this mildness is quite rare
Can hardly keep from blooming
The smell of herbs floats gently past
A myriad of dishes
And cheery birds think winter’s passed
I echo their cute wishes
And as the sky turns smudgy grey
And lamp lights are ignited
I’m glad I took the time to stay
A while and feel excited


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