Amazing Grace

One of our recent concert choir rehearsals was held in a church that I had not previously visited. As my friend Hugo and I walked into Therwil church, its warmth and uniqueness struck me. The inside temperature itself was in fact quite chilly but somehow the chandelier lights created a graceful aura that made me feel safe and warm. There was a clarity in the sound of our harmonies and whilst singing I watched, transfixed, as the chandelier lights made shadows on the ceiling.

Chandeliers and Shadows

Chandeliers and shadows
Were all that I could see
Acoustics were a world away
You felt so close to me

A warmth prevailed that evening
Although the night was cold
My thoughts danced on the ceiling
And the church walls shone like gold

What was this glowing feeling
Which felt so young yet old?
The nave stood open handed
And I longed his hand to hold

The harmonies resounded
Part of you and me
And chandeliers and shadows
Were all that I could see

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