Cow Pow Wow

Switzerland’s quirkiness often reveals itself in the most unexpected of ways. I mean, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to come across two synthetic and rather psychedelic cows amidst the landscape of natural beauty which the locals take such pride in having. But there they stand and I past them in fact every day on my lunchtime walk. One day I imagined what it might be like to come across them for the first time and penned this poem.

Cosmic Cows

Two cows grazed on the mound
Their backs and faces checked
Both green and purple found
Within their shiny flecks

I just did not expect
To see a pair like that
My two mooing suspects
Just pecked and chewed the fat

Cowpats of multi colour
It just didn’t bear thinking
The thought it made me shudder
Gave me the urge for drinking!

The clinking of their bells
Like bovine hilltop vows
Oh a what tale to tell
Two curious cosmic cows!

12 thoughts on “Cow Pow Wow

      1. Jazz is a nickname given me by coworkers who could not spell or pronounce Jaeschke (Jazz-key … but it doesn’t LOOK like Jazz-key). Retired now, but still Jazz.


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