Below the Surface

I can definitely see why a whole ballet was created about swans. They are such graceful and majestic birds. Yet there is a lot more to this intriguing creature than meets the eye. Swans often stay with their partners for life, not just for romantic reasons, but so that they may secure the maximum amount possible of cygnet production! If a swan perceives a threat, it will put on a dramatic display of wings, hissing, grunting, snorting and flapping. This aggressive behaviour is known as “busking” and is, interestingly, mainly for show. Swans indeed have many layers and the swan in today’s poem is no exception.

The Secret Swan

Graceful swan, you don’t fool me
With your legs paddling furiously
Beneath the shiny surface
You want this more than they could know
Gliding between two worlds,
long neck reaching for opportunity
The wildness of your cries still secret
One day your open wings will span
the full scope of your fervent call
Your voice will send stirring ripples
across the misleadingly silent shore
Your beak vibrating with The Truth.
No more will they underestimate,
dear swan. Proud and magnificent.
Your Presence speaks alone.

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