The Green Dream Team

The colour green has never suited me and, as a lover of nature, this is a little disappointing! Fortunately, this lilting, leafy shade frequently springs up in my poetry and so I still get my fix when needed! Earlier this week I went on a lone stroll in the hills near to work and the beautiful tones of the lush fields (combined with the fact that I had just been majorly influenced by the hugely emerald musical Wicked) got me buzzing with greenness. When looking back at this photo from my walk the green led me to dream about my future, inspiring the following poem.

The Emerald Way

She set out on The Emerald Way

Beneath her feet were stones

Quite undeterred by puffs of grey

And nature’s whistling tones

Yes she knew it was worth the climb

The path less trodden called her

For all we have is our own time

Possessions never fooled her

She glimpsed the light above the farm

And smiled to see the summit

Ascending carries so much charm

More so than when you’ve done it

The Emerald Way, had lots to say

About her future vision

A work of heart is more like play

No need for competition

The green now bright, in low sunlight

The path curved, almost smirking

She stepped towards the dream in sight

And felt God’s power working


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